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Strategic Planning

When you select Operational Ally for a strategic business planning engagement there are three important things you will not get: big firm bias, predetermined answers, or buzzword-only solutions. What you will get is our flexible approach, our depth and diversity of experience, and our open minds.

Together we collaborate with your operational experts to gain a holistic understanding of your business challenges and future goals. With a clear assessment in hand, we partner with you to develop or align your strategic vision, define specific initiatives, then create a strategic road map to achieve your goals. Because each engagement is unique, our Strategic Planning services are tailored to your organization’s size, complexity and business strategy. Focused on aligning your priorities to help you make efficient business decisions, we deliver plans that are actionable, measurable, achievable, and focused.

You can count on clear, structured steps to achieve your goals, and detailed execution support to make them a reality. You bring the operational expertise, and we will help you realize your goals.

The Benefits Of Our Strategic Planning Services

Our approach integrates the discovery/assessment, validation, analysis, recommendation, and the implementation phases. We leverage our collective experience and skills to quickly but methodically sift through all available resources, current artifacts, reports/studies, etc. and assess the current tools and processes involved. Our discovery process focuses on identifying trends and performs extensive “root-cause” analysis. Our recommendations are holistic in nature with an emphasis on people, process, and technology/systems aspects. We also leverage these forums to agree on the future-state capability for achieving business alignment and delivering business and IT security outcomes.
Operational Ally’s approach ensures key business/IT stakeholders and subject matter experts (SME) are involved throughout the process. We focus our efforts on confirming that proposed changes incorporate critical business operating factors to ensure alignment. The following are key aspects of our assessment approach

  • Operational Ally will leverage subject matter expertise along with all existing artifacts – all pertinent third party studies, IT functional strategy documents, and reports will be appropriately utilized in the assessment phase. 

  • Our team will perform detailed analysis at the sub-process/component level to produce “heat-maps” to highlight potential gaps, deficiencies, and provide actionable recommendations to close gaps – these recommendations will be the basis for future state priorities.

  • A consistent framework will be used to capture feedback, validate the processes, artifacts and tools used against leading industry practices. 

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