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The global healthcare industry is growing along with the demographics and standards of living of the world´s different geographies, increasing the demand for more and higher quality services. Specifically, access to healthcare services and data through digital channels is one of the most disruptive trends impacting the industry. Examples of this trend are the consolidation of the electronic medical records, virtual assistance, simultaneous care and patient monitoring through the network, all generate increased demands from patients and healthcare professionals every day. 

Operational Ally offers innovative solutions for IT, Information Security, and business process management of healthcare companies allowing them to remain competitive while serving users who become more conscious and demanding every day.

Banking & Financial Services

The financial sector is one of the most important pillars of the global economy, however, as in all sectors, it must adapt to a constantly changing, challenging and growing environment. The internationalization and technological roadmap of the last twenty years have changed the finance industry´s landscape entirely. Driven mainly by the increased digitization of the economy and changes in customers´ profiles, a whole industry has also profoundly transformed the way it acquires, cares and retains customers.

As a consequence of these trends, one of the greatest challenges for the banking and financial sector is to create more efficient and effective ways of accessing financial products and, at the same time, ensure safety in the transfer of information. Our team understands the unique challenges facing financial institutions today, and has the expertise to deliver advanced IT security solutions for optimal agility, security, and scalability.


The ecosystem of global health faces major challenges. The Biotechnology sector in particular demands innovation and development to ensure the medical resources needed by world's population are available. More than ever, this industry is facing constant pressure in terms of efficiency, costs and regulation. At the same time, it is a sector in constant growth.

A net result of these trends is an increased demand from consumers when it comes to the engagement model they expect to have with pharmaceutical products and services. Operational Ally helps pharmaceutical companies meet this increased demand through security solutions designed to maintain compliance. 


Thanks to our experience working closely with pharmaceutical brands and our extensive expertise in SOX and back-office operations, we can deliver the best experience and also the most efficient planning and management of your business processes, allowing you to focus your efforts on your company’s business goals rather than in technical and operational issues.


The manufacturing industry is facing new challenges; new regulations on consumption arise, taxes increase and globalization and environmental impact related issues become more and more common every day. As an example regulatory trends in this space include a thorough review of various aspects such as material composition, restrictions on chemicals and preservatives and presentation of specific data on packaging. This affects the sector as a whole and can have a profound impact on customer care and business process efficiency. A key to success in this challenging environment is to maintain a good IT strategy and excellent security practice, ensuring a profitable and beneficial relationship for all.

Operational Ally enables manufacturing companies to augment and enhance the operations model across all business units thus increasing their focus on the business while maintaining compliance and operational efficiencies


The Technology industry represents a strategic pillar of the economy, which by making use of disruptive innovation, transforms industries and creates new business and transactional models. Technological areas within corporations already became the new corporate strategists and trends such as cloud computing, big data and social media are shaping the future of the organizations.

The players in this industry, even more than in others, must be at the forefront and become innovative to avoid obsolescence and the loss of competitiveness.

By using state-of-the-art technologies and methodologies, Operational Ally supports organizations to optimize their business processes, streamline their operations and provide customers true value and best in class experiences through innovative practices, which in the end will contribute to the improvement of their sales strategies and market positioning.

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