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HITRUST CSF Management

The security landscape for the healthcare industry is constantly evolving and the risk of breach continues to increase. With the use of electronic records management and EMR systems, more and more patients are becoming victims of healthcare data breaches. Thus, the focus on how medical information is treated by Covered Healthcare Entities and Business Associates is heightened in the information security environment.

As a HITRUST CSF consulting firm, we understand the impact healthcare regulatory requirements have on your data collection, transmission, and handling procedures. Partnering with Operational Ally to manage your HITRUST certification will provide you with:

  • The expertise, process, procedures, and technology required for HITRUST Certification

  • A non-biased 3rd party review and management of your security controls

  • A comprehensive yet efficient management methodology

  • Years of experience within the healthcare sector to your organization regarding these issues.

Let us help you get certified and avoid any costly surprises due to non-compliance.

Operational Ally has additional services you can leverage to meet your health information privacy compliance needs.

The HITRUST Common Security Framework (CSF) Certification is the most widely recognized security control framework for the healthcare industry. The Certification is founded on a certifiable security framework that is comprehensive and enables healthcare organizations and their business associates to implement an efficient approach to compliance and security risk management.

The HITRUST framework does this by unifying NIST, HIPAA & HITECH, ISO 27001, PCI DSS, FTC, and COBIT recognized standards and the certification can be completed according to SOC 2 criteria. Thus, the HITRUST Certification not only demonstrates compliance but effectively protects ePHI.

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